Global Steel is a 2d run-and-gun video game inspired by Saturday-morning cartoons from the 80s. It follows the adventures of an organization that lives up to the credo of dispensing justice around the globe, with guns. Controlling three playable characters, it’s your job to shoot n’ blast through hordes of enemies as you save the world. Customize your armor-suits and weapons as you progress through an assortment of diverse levels.


Global Steel derives its genesis from our love of 80s cartoons like Centurions, M.A.S.K etc. as well as classic run-and-gun shooters like Contra. We wanted to create a playable cartoon, where each level corresponds to an episode of a hypothetical Saturday morning cartoon of the 80s. So we embarked on building a game which does so, where cartoon and game merge into one.


  • Control three different characters: Stormhammer, Nighblade and Valkyrie with distinct playstyles
  • Visual style reminiscent of 80s cartoons with classical hand-drawn animation
  • Travel through an assortment of locations fighting a variety of bosses and enemies
  • Customize your equipment with earned points to switch up gameplay
  • Adherence to 80s cartoon tropes - end level screens that look like credit sequences, synthwave soundtrack with a "theme" song etc


There are currently no trailers available for Global Steel. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


About Macondo Games

We are a small indie studio located in Mumbai, India working on our first title Global Steel, a run-and-gun shooter inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s.
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Global Steel Credits

Mrinal Mech
Founder, Game Director, Macondo Games
Preetham Gunalan
Surya Kalyan
Tanay Sharma
UX, Community Management
Janaki Pillai
Aayush Ray Chaudhuri
Sailesh Gopalan
Animation, former
Sébastien Allard
Animation, former
Alejandro Remior
Programming, former
Olivia Pellicer
Animation, former
VHS Glitch
Music, Collaborator